VW Gypsy Arts Handcrafted Jewelry By Dawn Smyth

Welcome to VW Gypsy Arts, art made with heart, where you'll find unique one of a kind handcrafted creations.

I have always loved creating with my hands with all the beautiful gifts provided from mother earth. I love to work with natural elements, and high quality materials, from fine silver, colorful copper, and natural fibers. I love art and being a creative soul, jewelry is but one of many avenues I love to pursue. I am inspired by nature and the beauty all around and inside of us all. This universe is a magical place.

I am drawn to nature and the magical elements of the planet. Growing up in Alaska I used to collect rocks on the way home from elementary school, in each one I saw the magic and history of the world. I started silversmithing in high school as part of a special program that included fine photography, graphic arts, painting, drawing and much more. But on an amazing 2 year road trip in a VW Bus named Kombi Wasi I traveled throughout South America and became reconnected with Jewelry making and my creativity was reignited.

I am a VW gypsy who loves to travel in my VW's and make art along the way. I grew up riding around in the back of my dads 56 Bug, his old splity bus and broke my arm in the fast back. My first car I bought at 14 was a 1961 bug, next a long line of vintage VW's. I have only ever owned and driven vintage VW's and love traveling anywhere my VWs will take me.

I hope you enjoy what you see here as I love making it all, it is in creating I find peace and meditation, working with my hands and with the beautiful energies of the materials I choose to work with. One of a kind handmade items have a magic of their own making them a great gift to those you love especially yourself.

I'll be posting new items regularly so check my check my Etsy Shop frequently.